Vancouver’s Brand New Two-Day Celtic & Gaelic celebration

This St. Patrick’s Day… Unlock the Heritage

Through the mountains and beyond the rolling hills awaits a magical place. Allow the fairies to guide you through the mist and fog as the sound of a beautiful harpist reaches your ears. It is here you’ll find the entrance to Keltic Landing.


The Druids welcome your arrival with delectable, thirst-quenchers ready to whet your tastebuds. Once satisfied, make your way to the pixies to complete your adornments with crowns of blossoms and vines. The celebration is about to begin. Head into the Lowlands with 600 of your closest friends, for feet-stomping music and Lord of the Dance like moves. Swig back your favourite Irish and Scottish beers with all of your mates - tonight is all about the konnection.


March 17th-18th at The Imperial, this brand new two-day celebration will lead you on a lively journey through Celtic and Gaelic history. Each evening will begin at 6:00 PM and will take on a different identity, with vastly distinct spirits, entertainment and atmosphere.

Thursday, March 17th

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Celtic heritage. Prepare to experience river dancers, duelling fiddlers in the Lowlands and plenty of Irish spirits in The Highland’s tasting den. We encourage all of our guests to take part in the immersive experience by coming dressed head-to-toe in Celtic wear. Think pixies, whimsical fairies, crowns adorned with flowers, and vines for the traditional woman. Cable-knits, plaid paper-boy caps, and tweed vests for the more modern Celtic man.

Friday, March 18TH

Round out the two-day experience with Gaelic celebrations. Bring out your inner Scot for our second and final night. On Friday we’ll trade in the fiddlers for duelling bag pipers, and replace  Irish spirits for Scottish spirits. Outfits will include kilts, warrior capes, and tartan bonnets.

Each evening will be vastly different and truly encompass Celtic and Gaelic heritage.


Visit our Keltic Kitchen & discover all the grub St.Patrick’s day has to offer. Savoury Chef will be serving up traditional and new-age Irish and Scottish dishes to keep you satisfied all night.

Irish Stout Braised Beef Sandwich $14

Onion bun, smoky slow cooked Irish Stout braised sterling silver beef, grainy mustard sauce, aged cheddar.


Stovies $14

Slow cooked pork shoulder stovie stew, with caramelized onions, carrots, turnips, black garlic, served with a soda biscuit crust on top.


Irish Boxty $14

Potato and zucchini pancakes served with green onion and sour cream.


Scotch Whiskey Infused Chocolate Mousse $9

Passion fruit gelee on a creamy chocolate mousse that is infused with the subtle Scotch soaked pound cake, served in a glass jar, with spoon.


Mackies Scottish Chip Bags $3

Haggis and Black Pepper, Honey and Mustard, or Aberdeen Angus Beef Flavour


Keltic Kharcuterie $62 - serves 8

Cured artisan meats - D-Original Sausage Co.: spicy matador, holstein salami, with our own pate, grilled irish sausage, olives, stout cheddar, irish carlow, pickled carrots, radishes, mostarda, pear rosemary mustard, cornichons black olive tapenade. Fresh breads and crisps.


*Please note: Kharcuterie boards are exclusive to Kanons & Korporategroups only & are very limited*

**Taxes & Gratuity on all food included**


Embark on your magical journey to Keltic Landing.



Keltic Kanons

Gather your clan and become a Keltic Kanon. Organize a group of 8, 16 or 24 and receive free entry & 2 Keltic Koins for yourself, an opportunity to pre-order charcuterie boards (+$62/8 people) and reserved seating in the liveliest area of Keltic Landing, The Lowlands. It is important to note that this is the only seating that will be available in The Lowlands & the tables are extremely limited.


Become a Kanon by inquiring with our Koncierge BEFORE your group purchases tickets. Tables are awarded on a first come, first serve basis.


Email our Koncierge to organize your experience now:

Korporate Kelts

A unique approach to the team night out. Treat your office to a unique & lively experience by becoming a Korporate Kelt. Gather your employees, coworkers and friends for some delicious whiskey, beer & feet pounding Irish jigs.


Korporate Kelt Packages Include:

Guaranteed seats for you & your co-workers in The Lowlands, Keltic Landing’s liveliest area

Option to pre-order Kharcuterie board (+$62/8 people) full of meats & cheeses ahead of time, exclusive to Kanons & Korporates only.


Korporate Kelt Group Prices:

Group of 8 = $240 (plus GST + Service Fees)

Group of 16 = $480 (plus GST + Service Fees)

Group of 24 = $720 (plus GST + Service Fees)


Become a Korporate Kelt by inquiring with our Koncierge now:


The Emerald Shores:

Get settled into Keltic Landing and check out the traditional food offered at the Keltic Kitchen for your evening.

The Highlands:

When the riot of the Lowlands becomes too much, escape to The Highlands above the celebration hall to consume some of the world's finest whiskies in the alchemy parlour tasting den.

The Lowlands:

Celtic and Gaelic dancers encircle the great hall. Bagpipes and fiddlers bursting with energy begin to coerce your feet into a river dance. DJ's work their way in and transition to a lively Ceilidh saloon harmoniously.

The Grove:

It's here you can taste delectable cocktails infused with the Celtic and Gaelic flavours made by our Druid mixologists. Complete your outfit with flower crowns made by our sprites & fairies.


To help contribute to the immersive experience, it is strongly encouraged everyone come dressed in authentic costume. Both nights will feature a completely different heritage, and as a result, will be very unique in dress.

The Shamrock Ball:

Thursday, March 17th

On our first evening, St. Patrick’s Day, leave your green t-shirts & leprechaun outfits at home - tonight is a true celtic display. Ladies can rely on pixie and fairy outfits along with whimsical elements like flower & elf crowns to further elevate your Keltic Landing wear. For our gents, pull out your tweed vests, flat caps, & celtic knot frocks. Or, if you’re in more of a mysterious mood, grab a cape and enrobe yourself as a Druid.

Tartan Pride:

Friday, March 18th

Following our first evening, the celebrations will still be in full swing, & so will the dress. On Friday, March 18th, tap into that hidden warrior. Think traditional highland with a touch of ‘Game of Thrones’ - Tonight’s the night to be your inner Braveheart. For a more modern new-age take, break out your tartan kilts & highland dress.

Still not sure what to wear? You can start by getting inspiration for your outfit through our Pinterest pages.  



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19+ Event


Irish Stout Braised Beef Sandwich $14

Stovies $14

Irish Boxty $14

Scotch Whiskey Infused Chocolate Mousse $9

Mackies Scottish Chip Bags $3

Keltic Kharcuterie $62 - serves 8